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Carol Harris

& Mike Brown

Writing, walking and talking history

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by Carol Harris

Experienced speaker leading sessions with groups of all ages, including museums, schools, historical societies and clubs
Talks illustrated with artefacts and/or Powerpoint

Historical views on current issues

  • Safety and numbers – the history of migration, refugees and the UK ‡ 

  • Two forward, one back: women’s fight for equal pay in the UK ‡ 

  • Women and the Vote ‡  


First World War

  • Women on the Home Front in WW1

  • Women, the vote and the war to end all wars*

  • WW1, women and sport

  • War Artists in WW1


Second World War

  • Making Do -- Wartime fashions 1939 - 45 **

  • Women in World War Two - the home front **

  • Women in World War Two - the services; WRNS, WAAF, ATS **

  • Lady Denman and the formation of the WI *

  • Women’s Land Army**

  • Stella Reading and Women’s Voluntary Services**

  • War Artists in WW2


  • Putting on the Ritz:  1920s and 30s fashions **

  • Making Do -- Wartime fashions 1939 - 45 **


  • Militant medics – doctors and the fight for women’s suffrage ‡

  • Doctors on the home front in WW2**

  • Expecting the unexpected -- public health in WW1 and WW2 ‡

  • Doctors and polar exploration ‡

Foundling Hospital and Georgian England

  • Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital

  • Building Bloomsbury 

Polar Exploration

  • Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance expedition*

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