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Authors of comprehensive studies on life on the UK home front in WW1 and WW2, women's history and vintage fashion

Carol Harris


Blitz Diary

Telling the story of the dramatic aerial battles over Britain during WW2 through first-hand accounts. Blitz Diary draws on memoirs, diaries and letters to give a vivid history of the threat and the realities of air raids.

D-Day Diary

The invasion of Europe, as seen by the people who were there. D-Day Diary brings together remarkable tales from this most dramatic and pivotal event off the Second World War, through letters, diaries and memoirs.


Pitkin Guide to Women at War 1914-1918

Introduction to the extraordinary and wide-ranging roles of women in Britain during the First World War. Fully illustrated throughout.

Miller's Collecting Twentieth Century Fashion and Accessories

Beautifully illustrated and extensively researched, the essential guide for the fan of vintage clothing.

Pitkin Guide to Women at War 1939-1945

Introduction to the lives and work of women in the Britain during WW2, including the Women’s Land Army, nurses, the ATS, and ARP.

Women at War 1939-45: the Home Front

Full of first-hand accounts, this is a comprehensive overview of the contribution of women in the UK on the Home Front during WW2.

Women at War 1939-45: in Uniform 

The companion to 'Women at War...The Home Front', this volume features the contribution and experiences of women in the WRNS, WAAFs and ATS during the Second World War. 


The Ration Book Diet

by Mike Brown, Carol Harris and C J Jackson

Including 60 original recipes from the Second World War, alongside delicious modern versions created by cookery author C J Jackson, The Ration Book Diet gives the background to rationing and the positive impact the wartime diet had on the nation’s health.

The Wartime House

by Mike Brown and Carol Harris

A vivid picture of daily life on the Home Front in wartime Britain. The Wartime House looks at the daily lives of people who inhabited the semi-detached world of suburbia, and how it was changed by the war.

Mike Brown

A Child’s War

This fully illustrated, humorous and moving narrative looks into the realities, hardships and small joys of being a child during World War Two.

Christmas on the Home Front

 A more detailed look than The Pitkin Guide on the same theme, Christmas on the Home Front tells the story of the six Christmasses of the Second World War. Drawing upon an extraordinary range of interviews and memoirs, Mass Observation reports, newspaper articles, and personal and archive photographs, Christmas on the Home Front gives an intimate account of the festive season during World War Two.

(available in hardback and paperback editions)



Combining factual narrative and contemporary eyewitness accounts, Evacuees investigates the phenomenon of evacuation in Britain during the Second World War.

(Also available in large print hardback edition)

Evacuees of the Second World War

This beautifully illustrated book looks at the experiences of evacuation up to the homecomings of 1945 and the aftermath.

Pin-ups of World War Two

This fully illustrated guide looks at the impact of Pin-up Girls during World War Two, and their perceived importance to the morale of soldiers.

​ The Pitkin Guide to A Wartime Christmas

Heavily illustrated introduction to the Christmasses of WW2. How people found new ways to

The 1940s Look

Thoroughly researched and lavishly illustrated, The 1940's Look tells you how civilian men, women and children dressed - and why they looked the way they did during the Second World War.

The 1950s Look

Recreating the fashions, the accessories, the hairstyles and the make-up of the decade, with contemporary colour illustrations.

celebrate despite rationing, blackouts and hardship. 

Wartime Britain

Wartime Britain explores how people in Britain helped to win the war, from 'Digging for Victory' to working in the munitions factories, as well as coping with the changes to everyday life brought on by the conflict.


Wartime Childhood

Comprehensively illustrated, Wartime Chilhood will stir memories for those who grew up during the war, and give those too young to remember a fascinating insight into life as a child at this time.

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