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Carol Harris

& Mike Brown

Writing, walking and talking history

The Pin-Up in Wartime Britain - Mike Brown

The Pin-up in World War II .jpg

With the advent of the World War ll, millions of men were torn from their homes and plunged into the impersonal surroundings of the barrack room. They took with them a few personal belongings to remind them of home, and to make their 'space' a little more welcoming. These included photos of loved ones and of course, pin-ups. These might be photographs or illustrations cut from popular magazines, or some of the many postcards then on sale.

Using examples from British and overseas magazines, posters, postcards and nose-art from the period, this book gives a flavour of the many delights available to the servicemen.

Author Mike Brown, an authority on the period, has researched deeply in archive sources to bring together a fascinating selection of photographs, picture postcards, artworks and drawings of beautiful women in beguiling poses. Ranging from tasteful nude portraits to the erotically charged paintings of artists like Alberto Vargas and the whimsical humour of Norman Pett's Jane, this book provides a wonderfully evocative vision of an age gone by.

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